I've been working since I was a baby and I'm grateful that I still get to do what I love.

I did my first commercial when I was 5 months old for Pampers, but it never aired. When
I was 1, I played the baby version of a 5 year old boy in a fabric softener commercial for
Europe. So glad I don't remember that one!  When I turned 4 I started doing national
commercials and then at 7 I booked my first TV pilot.  I'm probably best known for my
recurring role on HBO's hit show "Six Feet Under" playing that "weird" girl Michaela.  

I've been very lucky to be able to do what I love.  I've had some great jobs and I've
worked with the most amazing people and I hope to continue for a long time.

To see what I'm currently working on, click on my "news" page and keep checking back
for updates!   
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